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Power Absorption (Core Ability) - is the ability to obtain the powers of different Conduits.Potentially one of the most powerful abilities in the inFamous universe, Power Absorption is unique in that grants a Conduit the ability to absorb and use different powers and elements, independently from one another.


The ladies of the 100 are so important to me.

  • First we have Clarke Griffin. She has a natural instinct to lead but she’s not perfect by any means. She’s smart and she takes charge, she makes some of the hardest decisions but she’s not infallible, she’s not invincible. She’s a simple human girl who takes on the burden of 80 something people. She’s clever and she’s brave. She tries her hardest to be a leader. And even though her and Bellamy clash and butt heads at first, she is eventually respected by him and everyone else. Even when they don’t agree with her the respect her and look up to her and come to her for help.
  • Raven Reyes is a mechanic. She’s a woman mechanic of color and she’s absolutely brilliant. She reconstructed a pod and flew to earth alone. She flew there for the only person she’s ever loved, the only family she’s ever known only to find out he’s in love with someone else. But this is not what Raven’s story is about. She’s their secret weapon. She makes bombs out of a jar and makes grenades and salvages 100 year old bullets and finds a way to turn rocket fuel into a ball of fire that was meant to save them all.
  • And her and Clarke are never enemies. They’re never rivals. There’s awkwardness and a little animosity. But there’s also respect. And I think part of it is because they both see how amazing they both are. They love the same boy but these girls have more important battles to fight then to fight over some boy. They have 82 people to protect and unexplained enemies to fight and a whole strange new world to explore and make livable again.
  • There’s Octavia Blake. The girl who grew up hidden in the floor. The girl who has never been able to live freely. And now she’s dropped in this world that’s supposed to be freedom only to have to fight a battle she never wanted to be a part of. She’s fiercely loyal and compassionate. She feels so deeply and unapologetically and she never compromises her integrity and her beliefs for anyone. She sees the good in people, she brings out the best in her brother and she sees a person inside the warrior everyone else thinks is an enemy.
  • And Abby Griffin. Abby whose own mistake lead to her losing her husband and to having her daughter taken away. She’s a doctor and they need her. But she also has a seat at the table with the men who are supposed to be leading thousands of people. She’s brave and she’s willing to sacrifice anything to see her daughter again. Abby who has ever reason not to believe but has never for a second given up hope.
  • Even the smaller characters like Anya, a warrior who will stop at nothing to protect her people at all costs. Bellamy and Octavia’s mother, who broke the law to bring her daughter into the world and gave up her life for Octavia.
  • This girls and these women are leaders, mechanics, lovers and fighters, protectors and martyrs. They’re not unwavering and constantly strong. They’re no where near perfect but that doesn’t take away from their strength. Their strength isn’t just physical. It isn’t always visible. It isn’t always conventional. And they’re all different. They’re stubborn and emotional and kind and ruthless and hot tempered and quiet. They’re all different but they’re all so real.



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Video Game Meme / Five Character Deaths [1/5] → Thane Krios

It’s like I’m reading a book… and it’s a book I deeply love. But I’m reading it slowly now. So the words are really far apart and the spaces between the words are almost infinite. I can still feel you… and the words of our story… but it’s in this endless space between the words that I’m finding myself now. It’s a place that’s not of the physical world. It’s where everything else is that I didn’t even know existed. I love you so much. But this is where I am now. And this who I am now. And I need you to let me go. As much as I want to, I can’t live your book any more.


i am become death,
destroyer of worlds



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